Spotify rebranded its Live audio app Spotify Greenroom to ‘Spotify Live’

The music and podcast streaming service Spotify has rebranded Spotify Greenroom into Spotify Live. 

The streamer also plans to integrate live content from select original programming, while the standalone Spotify Greenroom (Spotify Live) will continue to feature independent creators to go live. 

When we launched Spotify Greenroom in 2021, we wanted to connect fans and creators on a deeper level through live listening in the Spotify ecosystem. Since then, Spotify Greenroom has evolved through updates and iterations that have enhanced the live-listening experience, the company said in a blog post. 

“Now, as our audio offerings continue to evolve, we are changing the name of Greenroom to Spotify Live—and bringing its live capabilities directly onto the Spotify app. This change reflects our belief in the future of live-audio creators and live experiences being provided to all 406 million Spotify listeners around the globe.” 

The company adds, Listeners will be able to tune in to live programming on Spotify via the creator’s podcast or artist page, and if they want to participate in the chat or join the host onstage, they can head to Spotify Live app to do so. 

At the moment, users can enjoy Spotify Live audio for select original programming featuring different slates such as DJ Akademiks, Waka Flocka Flame and Tana’s Toxic Tips With Tana Mongeau. The company said Independent creators who wish to go live can still do so in the Spotify Live app.

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