OPINION | I’m gonna say I hate “motivational speakers” writes Mbali Mavundla

For a lack of a better expression I’m gonna say I hate “motivational speakers”, ok I can’t stand them, that’s better. Every time they come on on my YouTube I can’t wait to be saved by a Chicken Licken AD. But I’ve come to be more understanding lately you know. Motivational speakers exist for the same reasons why some people are at church every Sunday, because they need somebody else in the form of a prophet to tell them that better days are coming. Some people can’t get there on their own and it’s crazy.

Even though God gave us the same will, other people need a Steve Biko kind of guy(superhero vibes) to liberate them. Tell them that all things are possible, even better when you say it’s possible through Christ so they have somebody else to blame for their shortcomings. But what that does is create some sort of dependency, like drugs, so you can’t help but keep going back for a fix.

I’m not saying I’m against the church but if you can’t start a sermon in your own house, alone with your God, you risk being captured by opportunists who feed on your vulnerability. I’m too practical to not ask important questions like, “So what happens after the service? Do I wait until next Sunday to be all fired up, or do I go into solace and tailor-make my own solutions?” (Side note: 15:15; the answers you seek are within you)

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I could be wrong, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned is that there are two kinds of people in this world, the people who go out there and do things and people who wait for things to be done for/ to them. And if we were all on the same plane/level, then we’d all be sellers with no one to clean our houses, pick up our trash, or buy our products. It’s the balance of this thing called life. You either use people or you LET THEM USE YOU. There must always be buyers in order for the sellers to make a profit!!!

By Mbali Mavundla – Journalist, Author and Content Creator

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