Pharrell Williams Move to Grooming as he Launch a Skincare Line Called Humanrace

Pharrell Williams is releasing a series of skincare products and, honestly, no celebrity product line makes more sense than this because the man doesn’t look like he’s aged in the past 20 years.

So, we can all agree that the 47-year-old singer/record producer/entrepreneur extraordinaire has either got one hell of a skincare regimen or he’s a vampire, right? In fact, that rumor of mystical agelessness got so wild around the time of Williams’ 40th birthday, that he even went on record to swear that he’s not a bloodsucker worthy of an Anne Rice novel. He said, rather, that he simply stays hydrated and washes his face.

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Ah, if only it were that simple. There’s clearly a little bit more at play here and, lucky for all of us, Williams is now finally sharing his secrets with the world through his new brand of skincare products called Humanrace. The products have deep roots in his younger days when he’d talk to models on set about their skincare routines to find out how to take care of his own. In his mid-20s, he also sought out the professional opinion of a dermatologist, Elena Jones, who has been treating his flawless skin for decades. She even consulted on the creation of the Humanrace line.

“What struck me most about my first meeting with [Williams] was how committed to his skin and health he was at his age,” Jones told Allure. “He wanted a routine to follow, and he’s dedicated to a skin-care regimen. He wanted explanations for everything.”

Williams recently shared with Allure an exclusive peek at his brand’s first few products and we’ve got to say, they look pretty fantastic.

The Humanrace skincare line will consist of three products: a cleanser, an exfoliant and a moisturizer. Sounds simple enough, right? According to Jones, they round out the most basic requirements of any proper skincare routine which is, essentially, to prepare, repair and protect the skin.

Though the trio of products seem straightforward, they do have a few tricks up their sleeves. The Humanrace Rice Powder Cleanser R400 ($32) actually arrives dry, which is likely to be an unexpected experience for the common face washer. But with the addition of a little water, the clay-based formula turns into a lightweight exfoliant and detoxifier with fruit alpha hydroxy acids that’ll leave skin feeling fresh and clean.

The next step comes in the form of the Lotus Enzyme Exfoliant ($46), a chemical peel boasting 8 percent glycolic acid. That’s a relatively high concentration, but it seems as though it may be Williams’ secret ingredient to his ageless complexion as it encourages fresh cell growth to keep skin looking brand new.

Last in the lineup, but certainly not least, is the Humidifying Cream ($48). Dense and creamy, its star ingredient is snow mushroom extract. Though it sounds like something you might find on another planet — maybe another theory for Williams’ endless youth? — it’s actually an organic ingredient rooted in ancient Chinese medicine that locks in moisture while being absorbed deeply into the skin’s layers. 

Also of note, the products’ packaging is impressively sustainable, using 50-percent recycled plastic and removable inner chambers that are meant to be exchanged for refills as consumers run out of product.

The trio of products will drop on Nov. 25 on the brand’s dedicated website, There, the line is described as “a universe of products and people dedicated to the pursuit of wellbeing, created and curated by Pharrell Williams.” 

It’s abundantly clear that this man defies the natural aging process, but maybe now with the help of his new skincare line, the rest of us mere mortals can, too.

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