PSA Urge SA Government to Go to India to Collect Money they paid for Poor VACCINES

EWN reports that, The Public Servants Association (PSA) said it was extremely concerned about the pace of the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. The association said South Africans could not afford to wait any longer for its citizens to be vaccinated.

This follows government’s decision to halt the rollout of the first batch of the AstraZeneca vaccines after data showing it gives minimal protection against mild infection from the new variant detected in South Africa.

The Department of Health also found that vaccines arrived in the country with an April expiry date, which was only picked up on its arrival.

PSA spokesperson Reuben Maleka said given its efficacy, the vaccine should be discontinued.

“Government must go back to India and obviously get the money back that was paid on something that is not going to be useful and procure something that we can actually use so that the country can start vaccination. We can’t wait, as warned by scientists because we need to get vaccinated before winter starts.”


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