CNN Fired 3 Employees who came to Office Unvaccinated – Report

CNN takes zero tolerance on vaccination and it doesn’t mess around.

According to Reuters, the news media house CNN has terminated three of its employees for coming to the office unvaccinated against the COVID-19 last week, according to a memo sent to staff internally on Thursday. The news channel didn’t disclose the office location where the incident took place.

CNN’s policy calls for employees to be vaccinated to enter network facilities, but to date proof of vaccination has been an honor system. Zucker told employees “we expect in the weeks ahead” that it may become necessary for employees to show proof of vaccination.

“Everyone from news, sports and studios who comes in now and going forward must be vaccinated. We have been clear about this for months, so there should be no confusion,” according to the memo.

CNN currently has most of its offices open for employees who want to work there voluntarily, provided they are fully vaccinated.

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