Google Maps plans to add toll road prices and more map details to help motorist

Google Maps plans to roll out updates that will add toll road prices and more details like stoplights and signs. 

This move is another way for Google Maps to give motorists and road users an option to make informed decisions between using roads with tolls o regular roads while they’re behind the wheels.  

According to Google Maps, users will see the estimated toll price to their destination before they start navigating the system. The toll prices are set to be provided by local tolling authorities. 

Google adds that users will still have the option to choose to avoid seeing routes with toll roads altogether through the app’s settings.

The new updates or navigation map will start rolling out to select countries in the coming weeks on Android, iOS, Android Auto and CarPlay.

Users will start to see toll road prices on Android and iOS this month for nearly 2,000 toll roads in the United States, India, Japan and Indonesia. Google plans to add more countries to this list soon.

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